Love, is it? 

Sometimes a random appreciation, a sudden smile, a true help to others is enough to make someone’s day or even life. 

“She has always loved the idea of love, the feeling of loving and being loved. The whole ideology of being in love has always made her happy.

So she easily got pushed into the thought of being in love when they were really good friends. He told her that’s not how friends are; let’s be in love. With the adrenaline rush and always having seen the true and forever love of the elders around her, she accepted his proposal and the idea of betrayal could not even pop up.

She was got to fallen in love. She thought they were happy together. Gradually all she wanted was his happiness, his smiles, his comforts and his luxury which from the day one, never included her. But she thought that’s how love is supposed to be,, to be happy in someone else’s happiness,, to compromise and sacrifice for your partner. That’s what she did since that’s what she was taught to do when girls are hooked up with someone. 

And she was happy,, though ignored and then not even noticed eventually,, but she kept herself happy. 

She was told by friends of him being cheating on her, never did She believe anyone except him and he refused. She was told by family that she shall not wait for him as he never belonged to her, yet again she trusted him when he assured her that he would soon make things better and be the best mate in the world. She waited. And he took all her love for granted.

Never came that soon. The three winks went by.

After all these years of loneliness with him, she decided to step out and work her passion. She got to meet someone who just genuinely appreciated her and her Work and she felt important in her own eyes. 

After such a long time, she truly felt happy. She felt confident and alive. She slowly realised what she had been losing waiting for a guy who probably was never hers. It was only she who had been dying each day to make him happy. 

She realised that it was not only the guy who was at fault, it was her more than him, who had let him undermine herself in her own eyes. It was her who accepted that humiliation for his false happiness.

 “Zulm Karne wale se sehne wala zyada ghunegaar hota hai” 

That unknown person had thought her to love herself again. And she walked tall out of that not so beautiful bond with him; not fearing what the society would say of her. 

While she walked with her head high, she did not lose her trust on love unlike others,, she realised that that surely can’t be love and believed that she would be lucky to experience actual real love for sure in her lifetime. This spirit of hers helped her live happily spreading love and joy.”
She rose but many give up their lives for such boyfriends or husbands who enjoy their sufferings. Kindly rethink about your bond. Realise it’s not love and walk out of such lives into a better world without such partners.

None who loves you would hurt you (physically or mentally or emotionally), insult you, humiliate you or leave you for the sake of their own comforts. 

And if they do and you are happy to tolerate the pain then there ain’t any love between you for sure. 


The three winks

There are moments in life which take your breath away and then there are those which make you realise of every breath you take.

It was those three winks for her. A few days back She didn’t feel privileged to be his first but now she did. All her insecurities and fears of him leaving were puffed off in the three winks. The feeling of hugging him so tight that she could feel no difference between him and her, this had always been eternal to her. And this time when he came forward and hugged her, she felt accepted. Her love was accepted by someone who loved her back.

They held each other and sang together and then something made him cry but still, he kept holding her,, tighter. Seeing him cry and probably knowing the reason of being separated by their castes, she too couldn’t hold back her tears. They wept together and then laughed together. Unsaid words and feelings had rolled out from their eyes. Nothing was needed to be said or explained.

The moment, three winks, had got sunk in her soul. They were not separate anymore. They were one. They were now sure of their love and did not let each other give up on them for the reason of different castes.

The era of your intentions

img_4015It’s the intention of yours, the wish to fulfill that intention and strong will to achieve it, that drives you. Be it personal or professional. If you don’t have any intention to take the ongoing thing ahead then the pleasure you are enjoying right now would also be temporary just like your designs on the sea shore and would just wash away by the very next tide.

And wherein, you aim to have the same gratifying journey throughout with you, your wish to keep that dream always alive and nurture it like your own baby shall be present. Be it just a spark of it but you shall be working towards it. You shall never have an alternative of giving up in the middle and take up the alternate just because of a few extra miles or some more responsibilities adding up. Though going for that surrogate might be easy right now but, in future you would definitely see the path running parallel where you could have been only if you would not have given up in the past. You would get to see that those extra miles were not the burden rather they could have been your strength pillars for the rest of your journey.

This is the will, the desire that needs to be stayed alive. And this desire blossoms only if the intention and wish to do something is true and you carry a heart to hold them all your life with grace and dignity even after reaching to there.

The cycle never ends. Your life changes with the era of your intentions.